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Learning that lasts a lifetime

Withinsight offers Action Learning Sets Training to provide the framework to grow and sustain the high performing teams within your organisation.

Action Learning Sets is offered on an in-house basis and starts with a full day extended introduction to generate a group bond and establish a group agreement. Each Action Learning set will contain up to 8 members and be facilitated by an Action Learning Set Facilitator. Participants attend all group sessions and agree to the group contract determined at the opening session. Each group begins with a full day followed by 8 x 3 hour sessions.

A commitment of one year is required to allow participants time to engage fully with the developmental process and apply learning in their work role.

Frequency: every 6 - 8 weeks
No. of Sessions: 1 full day + 8 hour sessions.                              
No. of Participants: 6 – 8

What does Action Learning offer?

  • Development of individual listening and diagnostic skills.
  • Insight, through the group process, into the way individuals relate in a small group which, in turn, increases understanding of work relationships
  • Problem solving time which gives the opportunity for personal learning and development and insight into how others achieve different solutions
  • Double loop learning where the individual goes beyond a single loop of identifying a problem and resolving it to the double loop where they challenge their assumptions and deepen their fundamental understanding of what might be done differently.
“Action learning gives me an opportunity to reflect on my own performance and that, coupled with insights gained from others in the SET enables me to develop my skills further."

Derek, Personal & Performance Coach, Edinburgh

"Action learning is based on the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught."

Reg Revans, founder of Action Learning